Where do I work?

All over the world

cropped-avio.jpg25 years ago, as head of communication of a multinational company which adopted a strategy of market development, I had to travel for professional issues in many countries. I was the responsible for and coordinator of institutional communication and marketing communications inherent in participation in fairs and exhibitions, conventions and products launch to commercial bodies and journalists from half of the world.

cache_2422379687A lot of those trips, fairs, exhibitions, conferences, product launchings, and the opening of new foreign markets increased my background in direct relationship with the image’s committee, communication, marketing and strategic plans, in whose elaboration and implementation I took part.

cache_2437766433Years later, as a COO of a company group with activities in tourism magazines, marketing and consulting I continued developing strategic plans, marketing plans and communication plans. And I had to keep on travelling and attended numerous trade shows, workshops and product presentations.

At present, my experience cover more than thirty countries. And now, for the last thirteen years I still do it when it requires the service to my clients.