Who am I?

cache_2422385462Pau Morata Socias (1951). I hold two university degrees and subsequent specialization studies in marketing and communication. I speak English, French and Italian as well as Spanish and Catalan. And besides I have a lot of experience, accumulated in the exercise of managing careers from 1973.

I have played roles and positions of responsibility in seven companies in the private sector of different sizes, and two public bodies, one of the USA and the other of Catalonia. I was a full-time professor of marketing in a business school during three academic years – 1987 to 1990 – and responsible for their area of tourism.

cache_2422385819In 1999 I decided to make a change to my professional life and since 2000 January 1st I exercise advice, combined with teaching at business schools and universities, business training activities that I never have ceased to exercise, although to part-time since 1990.

I am co-director and author of the first Spanish course on Marketing in fascicles (100 teaching units and 15 videos with my introduction), co-author of the chapter “The marketing department” of “The great encyclopedia of banking” (in Spanish), author of cases and technical notes on “Megamarketing” and “Corporate Image and Corporate Identity”, reviewer of translation and adapter to the Spanish version of the book “Sponsorship and Patronage”, translator of the book “Tourism marketing”, author of numerous articles and co-author of the books “50 lessons of management” and “Strategy and management of tourism in the city councils”.

I have published in national and international media and my analysis and comments are often required by printed media and radio and television programmes.

At the invitation of its manager I am one of the generous unpaid contributors to the “Trends in Tourism and Marketing Strategies” program of the World Tourism Organization as a member of the panel of experts on tourism of the WTO that every four months provide relevant information for the preparation of the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer.